Accident Referral Network: CO Chiropractor Intros on Practice Sites

accident referral networkMany of the internal web networking projects that chiropractors use to reach patients have their own unique presentations and ‘flair.’ A single practice web site can show web users a lot about the background of chiropractic professionals, and the philosophies or approaches that they bring to the table when treating patients.

Professional chiropractors who want to build their own online footprint have a lot of options. They can choose to provide patients with primers or ‘101 guides’ on different types of chiropractic problems. They can expand on issues that they’ve faced in the industry. Or they can bring a personal approach to the site, to show patients what the practice is like and what they can expect when they walk in the door. At the Accident Referral Network, skilled support pro look at a practice’s message to understand its needs and how it works.

A Personal Approach

One example of the personal approach that works well for many spinal injury treatment practices involves the kind of revealing details that will let patients get acquainted with doctors and chiropractic offices over the net. Lighthouse Chiropractic offers an interesting example of this type of approach. This practice involves professional chiropractors Dr. Ed Osgood and Dr. Angela Vitale, in two offices in Colorado.

Many posts on the Lighthouse Chiropractic site provide not only details about the doctor’s background, but helpful images that show the doctors at work within the clinic. There are also a lot of posts that explain the doctors’ prior experience, for example, where Dr. Ed treated a lot of patients in categories like the following:

  • pregnant patients
  • injury patients
  • athletes

The site also talks about special treatments for pregnant women who visit the clinic, where doctors will take additional consultative roles to make sure that patients are physically compared for the pressures of labor. The site also talks about Dr. Angela’s approach to chiropractic care, and shows her working with a range of patients.

These kinds of blogs do a lot of things for chiropractic patients. As mentioned, they give them more helpful information that they can use prior to the visit. But perhaps more important, they set patients at ease about how doctors will relate to them as individuals. Many of those with chronic spinal pain and other problems need a welcoming and caring medical professional to guide them through their treatment options and help them manage their health day-to-day.

Augmenting Internal Chiropractic Marketing Resources

At the Accident Referral Network, the creative teams that support chiropractic doctors pay a lot of attention to the internal outreach of a practice. This personal injury telemarketing support service helps practices to combine their own networking materials with a powerful third party marketing system that will bring in excellent new patient referrals with all of the right information for insurance processing and more. The ARN’s skilled chiropractic telemarketers work with doctors to achieve goals related to practice reputation visibility and patient scheduling.