Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Missouri Chiropractic Blog Tries Something New

accident referral networkSometimes it would be nice to have a consultant. Just somebody to put a few bells and whistles into a business’s marketing campaign, to jazz up an existing web site or project so that it has a chance of reaching a bigger audience.

Many types of businesses now struggle with this fundamental part of their marketing outreach, but chiropractic doctors are particularly vulnerable to radically different outcomes from their web projects or blogs. That’s because there are a lot of additional ‘layers’ when it comes to putting out the message about chiropractic services online. There’s the greater context of the Internet, where different groups vehemently debate about the role of chiropractic care. There’s the greater medical industry. And then there’s just that ongoing challenge of how to get readers attention and keep it long enough to let them know what your business is about.

Innovative Chiropractic Marketing: A Case Study

Take a look at this web blog from O’Fallon MO Chiropractic. In a series of posts entitled “what to expect out of chiropractic care” you’ll see a practice blogger present herself to you as Nichole Holzum, the new marketer for the business. Holzum, from Missouri, directly goes into detail about her own background and her thoughts about chiropractic care.

After this preamble, the posts entitled “day 1” and “day 2” go into detail about what Nichole Holzum encounters when she actually visits a chiropractic office. They detail the kinds of resistances that new patients can have, and how a good practice treats these individuals, guiding them through the introductory process and explaining just what can be wrong with their spines or joints.

So what’s behind this type of chiropractic marketing? By presenting the chiropractic story in this way, this blog has distinguished itself from the rank-and-file of dryly informational chiropractic web sites. There’s a chance that a good number of readers will start reading, identify with the character and go on. They will then start to understand chiropractic care without having to make themselves read dense passages, or feel like they’re doing in-depth research online. That’s one of the principles of new online marketing – that researching products and services should be a journey, not a chore.

Facilitating Multi-channel Marketing

Of course, making great web content isn’t all doctors can do. They can also partner with the Accident Referral Network to get a top-class personal injury telemarketing service that works. Our teams talk to auto accident injury victims to assess their needs and point them in the right direction, working with single practices to help them get the visibility that they need in a tough market.


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