Accident Referral Network: Pushing Through Challenges

accident referral networkThere are a wide range of chiropractic care providers in many areas of the country, and different practices advertise themselves in very different ways. One thing that many who have graduated with chiropractic degrees can agree on, though, is that online outreach materials like blogs and practice websites are instrumental in helping to keep this kind of medical business visible to the community.

At the Accident Referral Network, we take a close look at the ways that chiropractic doctors advertise, because our third party personal injury telemarketing services are customized to the needs of our individual practice clients. We pay careful attention to what works in chiropractic marketing in order to help doctors get new patients in the door and to help promote long-term connections that work.

Acknowledging the “Mental” Component of Chiropractic Care

Some chiropractic doctors know that along with educating patients on new treatment options, traditional spinal injury types, and the general role of chiropractic care, it’s also a good idea to appeal to some of the patient psychology that often comes into play while individuals seek chiropractic consultation and treatment.

One good example of this is found in a recent blog post on the Hazeldean Family Chiropractic site where Dr. Erin McLauglin, D.C. uses personal examples of challenge to illustrate how patients can get over hurdles in chiropractic care.

What Dr. McLauglin essentially lays out in this blog post in a personal narrative is the idea that many patients experience psychological obstacles along the way to healing. Some will start out very positive about treatment, but will start to have doubts if they encounter new pain levels, slower recovery than desired, or other bumps in the path toward better spinal health.

“On the other side of the pain, of the doubt, is a feeling of freedom.” writes McLauglin. “If you can just trust in your body’s awesome power and push through the hard stuff, there will be a greater reward for you in your life.”

Encouraging and coaching patients in this way is something that a lot of chiropractic doctors do in their practices, but it’s not a bad idea to let this philosophy shine through in practice outreach materials, so that patients have a good idea of what kinds of attitudes they’ll encounter when they enter the practice doors.

Practices that really invest in customer relationships and proactive outreach can also use the Accidental Referral Network to craft a more powerful advertising strategy that will reach more local residents. Our third party personal injury telemarketing service works with a single practice to bring in qualified new patient leads with a lot of context that will help doctors during the intake process. By guiding accident victims through some of the toughest initial processes, ARN pros “prep” them for entering a practice and becoming a patient. Doctors can explore the ways that having these kinds of partnerships can allow them to find more patients while delivering the same quality of care to anyone who comes in for treatment.