Accident Referral Network: Vancouver, WA Chiropractor Promotes “Chiropractic Care First”

accident referral networkAt the Accident Referral Network, we’re always looking for ways to help chiropractic doctors to overcome the challenges of running an office or clinic in a competitive, fast-paced healthcare industry. We look closely at the problems that these doctors face, and the strategies they use to continue to reach out to new patients and practice in their field. We also have a good idea of some of the kinds of vague notions that people have about the chiropractic field.

Within the general public, there is the nebulous idea that chiropractic care is somehow different from any other type of treatment. The exact ways in which it is different are not often talked about, but instead, chiropractic care is treated differently. It’s treated differently by employers, by families, and most importantly, perhaps, by insurance companies that discriminate in funding different kinds of treatment options after an injury.

Chiropractic doctors fight back against these ideas by showing how their services benefit a community and by pointing out the value of noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical services for holistic health.

AMA Backs Chiropractic

For an example of this kind of outreach, in an article on the Zenaptic Chiropractic blog in Vancouver Washington that cites reporting by the Journal of the American Medical Association or JAMA showing that the group has recommended chiropractic care for individuals with back pain. According to this report, surgical alternatives should be a last resort, and chiropractic treatment should be the first step in trying to alleviate different kinds of nerve damage or other spinal problems before progressing to more invasive treatments.

“Perhaps a turning point has been reached.” writes a practice blogger, re-iterating the value of spinal care before surgery is considered. “Chiropractic care can show you how to properly maintain back health and prevent the possibility of future spinal pain. Surgery should always be a last resort because there is a higher chance of failure.”

Promoting Chiropractic Care and Holistic Wellness

In maintaining these kinds of resources on a web site, this chiropractic office is doing its best to talk to potential patients over the web, and to explain how chiropractic care is a very legitimate and practical field. When it comes to dealing with either recent injuries or chronic health conditions related to the spine, neck and core area of the body, chiropractic doctors have unique skills and experience that can help patients to alleviate pain and symptoms, and live each day more happily.

Need Help with Chiropractic Marketing?

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