Auto Accident Telemarketing: Could Minnesota Insurance Fraud Happen to You?

Traffic Jam on the HighwayGovernment officials in the state of Minnesota are warning residents and visitors that it may be deceptively easy to become involved in an auto insurance fraud situation in that state. Relatively new no-fault auto insurance policies in a handful of states can leave residents vulnerable to various kinds of insurance fraud problems, but according to some with a detailed knowledge of the way that Minnesota’s insurance system works, there’s more to an epidemic of auto insurance fraud then just your typical efforts to game the system by individual drivers.

State officials, as well as those in auto accident telemarketing or chiropractic marketing fields, will be looking closely at how the state handles high rates of auto insurance fraud that can affect motor vehicle accident injury victims and an effort to recover from a roadside collision.

Is the “Russian Mafia” Behind Minnesota Car Insurance Fraud?

In CBS news coverage this past February, spokesperson Mark Kulda from the Insurance Federation of Minnesota was specific about suspicions by Minnesota agencies involved in regulating that state’s auto insurance market. Kulda referred to a “Russian mafia” that may be involved in crafting complex systems to take money out of Minnesota’s insurance system by inflating the costs of accidents or even setting up “dummy providers” to charge insurance companies and rake in dishonest financial gains.

If the state can substantiate these claims, a lot of people will go to jail. The reality, though, is that it can be hard to prosecute this kind of fraud, and states can have a lot of trouble distinguishing between criminally operated fraud networks and simple accident claims.

Insurance Fraud Makes it Harder for Honest Accident Victims

The sad reality is that dishonest claimants make it harder for all of the other individuals who need to get compensated for actual motor vehicle accident injury. Patients who make it to chiropractic offices or other medical care providers through auto accident telemarketing or networking firms often have legitimate injuries that are costly to treat. Many of them will have chronic damage for life. The difficulty of collecting on PIP policies can add insult to injury.

Car Accident Chiropractic Marketing: Connecting Accident Victims to Professional Care

One of the ways that medical providers and third party services work together is to fully document all auto accident injuries as much as possible. This helps to guard against situations where outside auditors might see insurance fraud even where it may not exist. Stricter standards for documentation help everyone, from the individual patient to the provider. The provider office needs to establish that its billing is above-board, by carefully showing medical necessity and other details.

So, for drivers, it’s important to practice good defensive driving in order to lower chances of ending up in a tricky auto insurance conflict; and for spinal treatment and accident injury medical providers, a little extra work to establish government-compliant practices can go a long way.