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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Washington Chiropractic Clinic’s Name

accident referral networkA rose by any other name would smell as sweet — you get the picture. We’re talking about chiropractic branding in a very simple way: what you call it.

This specific techniques falls under the broad banner of fundamental chiropractic marketing strategies that often make the difference between long-term success and a struggling office — a key principle here is that doctors have to do things that are special, to differentiate their practices. A lot of forward thinking doctors realize that chiropractic online marketing involves branding details that give them an advantage in their local communities.

The Joint

Take this example from a modern practice in the state of Washington. Known as “The Joint… the chiropractic place,” this office represents the practice of multiple doctors at multiple locations.

So why reject the playbook of so many other practices and name your business something that doesn’t invoke your field specifically? Well, one reason works on almost a subliminal level — some marketers will realize that the word ‘chiropractic’ is one that is unwieldy for most people, difficult to spell and even difficult to pronounce. By contrast, a phrase like ‘the joint’ rules easily off the tongue. Marketers qualified this name with the word ‘chiropractic’ after the ellipsis.

Having a name like this also makes the practice stand apart — it makes it seem like a modern, ‘with it’ kind of place.

Other Business Models in Online Chiro Marketing

Look closer into the site, and you’ll see that this isn’t your granddad’s chiropractic office. Where a lot of traditional offices operate on a family basis with one or two doctors, The Joint represents a kind of distributed practice, where there is a fair amount of franchising. That leads to the kind of resources you see on the site, where readers get coupons for adjustments, rather than homespun tales of chiropractic family lore.

This is, to be sure, an unusual way to run a chiropractic business. But we’re guessing that it’s had some level of success over the years, in that it gives local residents a unique alternative. That’s not to say that every office should run like this, in fact, that’s the point: every office should run in its own way, operating on its own strengths, and presenting those strengths clearly and transparently over the web.

More From Personal Injury Telemarketing Support Services

The Accident Referral Network can also help chiropractors to market any kind of office or clinic. We create customized personal injury telemarketing programs that work for you, that show off the positive side of your business and present its best face to local residents. Let us how to build a brand and create visibility for your business in the community that it serves.


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Washington Chiropractic Telemarketing


PI Telemarketing News: New Mexico Chiro’s One-Word Opener

accident referral networkAs we’ve mentioned many times before, the choices available to professional chiropractors for online marketing are practically endless. It’s interesting to look at the many web sites representing practices across the country – and across the world – and how they show the vast proliferation of strategy in attracting web readers to spinal adjustments and other services that these professionals offer in their communities.

In a sense, operating and creating a chiropractic web site is like writing a book. Doctors and practice administrators have to have a big picture in mind. Then they have to work with details and craft content to represent that big picture well.

One Doctor’s Approach

Here’s an interesting example from Albuquerque, New Mexico, from the web site of Body Balance Chiropractic representing the office of Dr. Alfred Swedberg.

Looking at the ‘meet the doctor’ page, you get an idea of how this doctor thinks through the narrative included at the top of the page. Here, where many doctors start out with a prosaic sentence outlining their attraction to chiropractic services, Dr. Swedberg offers one word:


Curiously, what follows this Marvel-comics type opener is also something likely to keep the attention of the reader. Dr. Swedberg claims his first spinal adjustment was not scheduled, but instead, happened almost without his awareness, and that a mentoring doctor continued to educate him on chiropractic, until eventually, formal education and a professional practice followed.

Instead of following the pack, this doctor is choosing a rather novel and interesting way to outline his journey toward his professional credentials and career.

While the blog resource for this site is somewhat generic, these other types of content can provide readers with a more individual look at who the doctor is and what he or she is about. There’s another interesting angle here related to the name of the practice site. Clicking on an additional ‘yoga’ tab at the top of the site, the reader can see that the practice shares a building with a yoga studio, which is a great way to consolidate services and promote collective brand building between the two businesses ( in somewhat the same way that hospitals and health networks build health campuses consolidating different types of services.)

Using PI Telemarketing for Chiropractors

Professional chiropractors can also choose to market themselves through other third party services. For example, the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, offers customized PI telemarketing campaigns that can help you represent a practice in just the right ways, to get new patients in the door on a regular basis. Get more information at our web site about what we offer for doctors and practice leaders, and how we have helped past clients to get over some of the biggest hurdles in building their brands and establishing themselves in a competitive industry.


Personal Injury Telemarketing New Mexico

Chiropractic Marketing New Mexico

Chiropractic Telemarketing New Mexico

PI Telemarketing News: Roswell, Georgia Chiro’s Innovative Format

accident referral networkIt’s easy to tell by glancing at some chiropractic web sites that the designers have taken a template commonly used in the industry, and tweaked it a little bit for the needs of an individual practice. You’ll see the same menu bars at the top, with similar layout structure for pages. Practices may add visuals, and some of them are good, but there’s still a kind of syndicated look to many of the pages that are trying to attract those who are researching chiropractic care on the web.

Other practices have gone beyond, and taken cues from those on the frontier of Internet advertising in various industries. New and innovative site designs include interactive graphics for resources that appear on the screen differently, in a more dynamic way then the static pages provided by earlier versions of HTML and various supplementary scripting languages.

A New Approach

Here’s an example from Roswell, Georgia, where the Halan Family Chiropractic site is set up a bit differently than you might expect. Taking a look at the top level site, you’ll see that the menu is right aligned instead of running across the top, and that the left-aligned resources including address, hours, directions and a visual map, actually scroll up and down while the menu stays in the same place. This allows patients to click into the menu no matter where they are on the page. In the background, there’s a static graphic that stays behind all of the content on the site.

Clicking into the blog, you see that this is also set up a little differently. Instead of a traditional blog roll, users navigate between blog stories using arrows at the bottom of each post.

You can also see that content is updated regularly and that Dr. Halan provides personal input through blog materials.

In general, having this kind of new and innovative format can attract a lot of patients to the practice. It shows that time and effort has been put into chiropractic marketing, and that the practice is dedicated to going beyond the bare minimum. Some web readers will assume that the same applies to care philosophies and the actual delivery of services at the practice. Others will simply be impressed at a more basic level, and they may stay interested in the practice, preferring it over practices represented by more static site content.

Blog Controls

As for the blog, there are different opinions on this. Some will be turned off by the idea that they can’t “command and control” their blog experience, and frustrated by the limitations of the interface. Many of those who are familiar with this kind of online marketing would agree that although the general strategy here is sound, there may be something to gain by allowing different kinds of controls for the blog where readers can see what’s included at a meta-level, as accommodated in traditional blog rolls.

Using PI Telemarketing

Unlike online marketing, where flashy websites actively represent practices, other kinds of marketing go on behind the scenes. At the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, our PI telemarketing teams go to work for your practice, talking to auto accident victims and putting together the kinds of connections that will lead new patient traffic to your door. Ask us about the services we provide to professional chiropractic offices, and how partnering with us can lead you toward success.


Personal Injury Telemarketing Georgia

Chiropractic Marketing Georgia

Chiropractic Telemarketing Georgia

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: North Dakota DC’s Concise Descriptions of Treatments

accident referral networkIn some ways, online chiropractic marketing for a web site is kind of like one of those old ‘choose your own adventure’ books you may have seen on the shelves in the children’s section of your local library. These books have a certain allure for kids, as they allow them to go in their own directions with the story, and choose how they want it to unfold.

Setting up marketing web sites can be a similar kind of process, but where some feel empowered by it, others can simply feel confused or overwhelmed. Professional chiropractors who want to present the best face for a practice have a lot of different directions they can go in. Do you want to use the web site and blog to write from the heart about your care philosophy? Do you want to fill it with patient testimonials? Or do you want to go in a whole other direction?

Describing Chiropractic Treatments

Some doctors feel like it’s an effective marketing technique to fill most of a blog or site with descriptions of what they do in their offices. Professional chiropractors use varying degrees of technicality to talk about things like spinal adjustments and other services that they provide to patients. In general, these kinds of resources help those who are researching chiropractic to understand the role of a chiropractor, and what he or she can provide for holistic health.

Here’s an interesting example from the Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center in Fargo, North Dakota. Here Dr. Erik Haroldson, D.C. is writing his blog from a personal standpoint, and using his own voice to speak to patients.

The blog roll here is somewhat short. You have technical, almost clinical descriptions of treatments like Active Release Technique or ART, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, and something called FAKTR, described in the blog as an assessment and treatment concept. Dr. Haroldson talks about how to use FAKTR for diagnosis, and as part of a treatment plan.

To start off this list of professional services, Dr. Haroldson uses a single post titled: “The Leap of Faith.”

In it, he talks about why he is adding these informative resources to his site.

“Over the past few years, I have thought that it is necessary to provide general information based on evidence the best of my abilities for my patients and others.” writes Dr. Haroldson. “So I am starting to take a leap of faith to provide this general information.  If you have questions or information to be covered feel free to contact me via email or through posts at the bottom of the site.”

 Dr. Haroldson also provides a disclaimer that the material on this site is not meant to be used in place of an actual clinical assessment and face-to-face doctor visit. That’s an important distinction when a blog or site has a lot of medically technical content. It’s great for patients to get engaged online and start thinking about chiropractic, but nothing online replaces the physical chiropractic experience and actual hands-on diagnosis.

Choosing Personal Injury Telemarketing Resources

In addition to choosing their own directions for chiropractic online marketing, doctors can also choose to add third party services like the personal injury telemarketing campaigns we offer at the Accident Referral Network. Our skilled chiropractic telemarketing teams talk to auto accident victims on behalf of single client offices, to provide locals with quality care in their areas. Talk to us about the possibilities for your office. 


Personal Injury Telemarketing North Dakota

Chiropractic Marketing North Dakota

Chiropractic Telemarketing North Dakota




Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Colorado Chiro’s Family Business

accident referral networkWhy do professional chiropractors put so much care and deliberate effort into areas of their web sites like the blog, ‘about us’ or ‘meet the doctor page,’ or specialized top-level menu pages? The short answer is that it’s largely because of competition. Anyone who starts to look for chiropractic care in a local area is likely to see a variety of offices effectively blanketing their community. Unless you live in a one horse town, you’re not likely to be in a one chiropractor town. That, plus a lot of other industry factors, means doctors really have to think about how they approach the online space and how they market to web readers. Increasingly, it’s not enough to just put up a site and wait for new business to trickle in.

Characterizing a Chiropractic Office

One way that doctors try to be unique is by putting information on easy to find places of their web site that shows what their practice stands for and why it exists. Doctors may talk about their educational background, their personal experiences with chiropractic, their care philosophy and much more.

Here’s an interesting example from Colorado Health and Wellness in Colorado Springs, where Dr. Gail Warner presents her business as a three-generation chiropractor office.

“My role model for my Colorado Springs practice has been my father, who spent selfless hours trying to give back what someone had lost… their health.” writes Dr. Warner. “Chiropractic has always been a part of my life. Coming from a family with three generations of chiropractors, my form of healthcare has always been chiropractic care. My grandfather, father, or uncle always restored my health with a chiropractic adjustment and let my body heal itself.”

In detailing her family’s experience with chiropractic, Dr. Warner includes the idea that “care” is central to the chiropractic method. Essentially, doctors listen to patients and try to find out more about their fundamental needs, to promote better overall wellness that can prevent a range of diseases and health conditions.

There are other things about this particular practice blog that stand out, for instance, a focus on promoting readable text on the site, but the idea of showing new web readers how Dr. Warner’s family has been practicing for multiple generations is a neat hook to get people interested in the practice and what it offers. These kinds of genuine outreach are often some of the most powerful types of chiropractic marketing, because they say more than the default, and reach beyond what other practices offer.

Going Beyond with Personal Injury Telemarketing Services

Doctors who want a more robust business model can also use personal injury telemarketing services from the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company. We work closely with individual doctors and practices to get results. Ask us about the range of services that we offer, and how your office can excel in a tough industry.


Personal Injury Telemarketing Colorado

Chiropractic Marketing Colorado

Chiropractic Telemarketing Colorado

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Pennsylvania Chiro Personalizes a Multi-Doctor Practice

 Accident Referral Network Personal Injury Telemarketing LogoThere are a lot of different ways that doctors can work to make their web sites and blogs unique. Some have to do with the actual content, or the creation of material for these chiropractic marketing projects. Others have to do with positioning all of that material to create the right effect.

We’ve talked a lot about the issue of personalizing content, mostly focusing on single doctor practices. Many individual practitioners will create “I-centered” language that showcases their background and history, as well as their goals, in a direct narrative to patients. Others will use the same kinds of strategies, but with a third-person perspective, where a practice blogger is writing about a doctor and his or her background, experience and specialization.

Group Practice Pages

One approach that group practices take is to switch off in terms of building marketing content, where individual doctors will take turns posting to the site.

Another choice is evident here in this McCormick Chiropractic blog from Pennsylvania. Rather than maintaining a series of individual posts, doctors Dr. Leo McCormick, Dr. Darryl Hajduczek and Dr. Roger Walker  include a top-level subtitle that mentions all of the doctors involvement.

In the author field, the blog simply refers to “the doctors at McCormick Chiropractic.”

The above strategy is one way to personalize content without re-crafting it into a specific kind of narrative. The types of blogs that are on the site represent many of the most popular themes found on other sites, and the form is fairly standard. By placing authorship at the top, doctors are clearly highlighting their involvement in the site as an online marketing resource.

What to Put on the Site

One of the next questions is what to include on one of these group practice sites. As you can see from the above example, posts about whiplash are common, since it’s a common injury and one that many drivers and passengers may not understand fully. It’s also popular to focus on specific new types of treatments, or ones that doctors specialize in. Doctors can use practice blogs to announce involvement in community events, or to create interactive events for those who may become future patients.

Additional Marketing Opportunities: Personal Injury Telemarketing

Along with generating new patient traffic by getting the right kinds of content on a site, doctors can also use third party services to drive more new patient traffic and get more visibility where they practice. Take a look at what the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, can do to help a practice thrive and support success for professional, qualified chiropractic providers.


Personal Injury Telemarketing Pennsylvania

Chiropractic Marketing Pennsylvania

Chiropractic Telemarketing Pennsylvania


PI Telemarketing News: Mississippi DC & The Right Mix for Chiropractic

PI Telemarketing News: Mississippi DC & The Right Mix for Chiropractic

PI Telemarketing News: Mississippi DC & The Right Mix for Chiropractic Like other kinds of marketing, online chiropractic advertising is a marriage of many different kinds of ideas. It’s the culmination of multiple strategies for visuals, text content, and layout that serve to effectively represent the practice. With that in mind, many of the best [...]

PI Telemarketing News: Washington Chiropractor & Specializing in Auto Accident Care

PI Telemarketing News: Washington Chiropractor & Specializing in Auto Accident Care

PI Telemarketing News: Washington Chiropractor & Specializing in Auto Accident Care The majority of chiropractic doctors are looking for online marketing efforts that address the full range of situations involved in the care spectrum: from victims of accidents involving physical trauma, to those who have just acquired health conditions over many years, and those who [...]

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Sarasota DC’s Patient Greeting

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Sarasota DC’s Patient Greeting

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Sarasota DC’s Patient Greeting When we talk about the absolute turnoffs for web readers browsing chiropractic sites, we’re talking about the mediocre, the bland, the generic and insignificant. We’re talking about content that fails to inspire or even provide any kind of face for the business. Content where anonymous people post commonly [...]

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Missouri Chiropractic Blog Tries Something New

accident referral networkSometimes it would be nice to have a consultant. Just somebody to put a few bells and whistles into a business’s marketing campaign, to jazz up an existing web site or project so that it has a chance of reaching a bigger audience.

Many types of businesses now struggle with this fundamental part of their marketing outreach, but chiropractic doctors are particularly vulnerable to radically different outcomes from their web projects or blogs. That’s because there are a lot of additional ‘layers’ when it comes to putting out the message about chiropractic services online. There’s the greater context of the Internet, where different groups vehemently debate about the role of chiropractic care. There’s the greater medical industry. And then there’s just that ongoing challenge of how to get readers attention and keep it long enough to let them know what your business is about.

Innovative Chiropractic Marketing: A Case Study

Take a look at this web blog from O’Fallon MO Chiropractic. In a series of posts entitled “what to expect out of chiropractic care” you’ll see a practice blogger present herself to you as Nichole Holzum, the new marketer for the business. Holzum, from Missouri, directly goes into detail about her own background and her thoughts about chiropractic care.

After this preamble, the posts entitled “day 1” and “day 2” go into detail about what Nichole Holzum encounters when she actually visits a chiropractic office. They detail the kinds of resistances that new patients can have, and how a good practice treats these individuals, guiding them through the introductory process and explaining just what can be wrong with their spines or joints.

So what’s behind this type of chiropractic marketing? By presenting the chiropractic story in this way, this blog has distinguished itself from the rank-and-file of dryly informational chiropractic web sites. There’s a chance that a good number of readers will start reading, identify with the character and go on. They will then start to understand chiropractic care without having to make themselves read dense passages, or feel like they’re doing in-depth research online. That’s one of the principles of new online marketing – that researching products and services should be a journey, not a chore.

Facilitating Multi-channel Marketing

Of course, making great web content isn’t all doctors can do. They can also partner with the Accident Referral Network to get a top-class personal injury telemarketing service that works. Our teams talk to auto accident injury victims to assess their needs and point them in the right direction, working with single practices to help them get the visibility that they need in a tough market.


Personal Injury Telemarketing Missouri

Chiropractic Marketing Missouri

Chiropractic Telemarketing Missouri