Accident Referral Network: Chicago Chiropractor’s Care Contributions

accident referral networkChiropractic doctors up in the Windy City are trying to get the word out to those with various chronic health conditions that spinal adjustments can be potential solutions for alleviating symptoms of these gastrointestinal issues. This is news to some people who have battling conditions like these for many years.

A recent post on the ChicagoChiropractorNow blog, a project of the Ravenswood Health Center in Chicago, IL, talks about how chiropractors have contributed to care for individuals with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and other conditions involving inflammation of the intestine or digestive tract. The blog lays out the idea that because spinal issues may be contributing to digestive problems, eliminating them can help.

For doctors as well as third party businesses like Accident Referral Network or personal injury telemarketing services, these kinds of less prominent spinal issues are part of understanding how doctors can help someone with accident injuries, or anyone else who suffers from symptoms around spinal misalignment.

Conventional Treatment of Digestive Issues

The above blog post mentions the “generally accepted theory” that many of these digestive issues involve immune system reactions to agents of infection. Generally, doctors provide medications like corticosteroids that have their own range of side effects. New studies are looking into whether chiropractic care could provide alleviation of symptoms without exposing patients to some of the risks of corticosteroid use. Giving patients more treatment options is part of a modern strategy to empower the average patient, and might help chiropractors to deal with a traditional stigma or prejudice that often favored a pharmaceutical approach.

As part of a comprehensive alternative proposal for patients with digestive problems, the blog also mentions nutritional counseling and other kinds of lifestyle changes that may go along with spinal treatments.

P.I. Telemarketing: Informing Chiropractic Patients

Many chiropractors have in-house resources such as these types of blogs that present a particular message to a broader audience. However, single practices often lack the tools that will bring them the best sets of new patients or potential new patients that will allow their offices to thrive in the long term. The Accident Referral Network, a comprehensive third party personal injury telemarketing telemarketing service, has helped many chiropractic professionals to boost visibility for their clinics and offices to let more of those in a local community know about what these doctors can offer.

By creating modern, scalable systems with skilled workers and cutting edge technology, the Accident Referral Network is anticipating the kinds of challenges that chiropractic clinics will face as the medical industry continues to become more high-tech and digitally connected. Although many experts expect some clinics to thrive, it’s likely that those who do will be the ones where doctors and practice leaders implement proactive outreach and new patient integration plans, to take advantage of a larger pool of patients with spinal injuries or treatment needs.