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accident referral networkWhy do professional chiropractors put so much care and deliberate effort into areas of their web sites like the blog, ‘about us’ or ‘meet the doctor page,’ or specialized top-level menu pages? The short answer is that it’s largely because of competition. Anyone who starts to look for chiropractic care in a local area is likely to see a variety of offices effectively blanketing their community. Unless you live in a one horse town, you’re not likely to be in a one chiropractor town. That, plus a lot of other industry factors, means doctors really have to think about how they approach the online space and how they market to web readers. Increasingly, it’s not enough to just put up a site and wait for new business to trickle in.

Characterizing a Chiropractic Office

One way that doctors try to be unique is by putting information on easy to find places of their web site that shows what their practice stands for and why it exists. Doctors may talk about their educational background, their personal experiences with chiropractic, their care philosophy and much more.

Here’s an interesting example from Colorado Health and Wellness in Colorado Springs, where Dr. Gail Warner presents her business as a three-generation chiropractor office.

“My role model for my Colorado Springs practice has been my father, who spent selfless hours trying to give back what someone had lost… their health.” writes Dr. Warner. “Chiropractic has always been a part of my life. Coming from a family with three generations of chiropractors, my form of healthcare has always been chiropractic care. My grandfather, father, or uncle always restored my health with a chiropractic adjustment and let my body heal itself.”

In detailing her family’s experience with chiropractic, Dr. Warner includes the idea that “care” is central to the chiropractic method. Essentially, doctors listen to patients and try to find out more about their fundamental needs, to promote better overall wellness that can prevent a range of diseases and health conditions.

There are other things about this particular practice blog that stand out, for instance, a focus on promoting readable text on the site, but the idea of showing new web readers how Dr. Warner’s family has been practicing for multiple generations is a neat hook to get people interested in the practice and what it offers. These kinds of genuine outreach are often some of the most powerful types of chiropractic marketing, because they say more than the default, and reach beyond what other practices offer.

Going Beyond with Personal Injury Telemarketing Services

Doctors who want a more robust business model can also use personal injury telemarketing services from the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company. We work closely with individual doctors and practices to get results. Ask us about the range of services that we offer, and how your office can excel in a tough industry.


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