Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Sarasota DC’s Patient Greeting

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Sarasota DC’s Patient Greeting

Chiropractic Telemarketing News: Sarasota DC’s Patient Greeting

accident referral networkWhen we talk about the absolute turnoffs for web readers browsing chiropractic sites, we’re talking about the mediocre, the bland, the generic and insignificant. We’re talking about content that fails to inspire or even provide any kind of face for the business. Content where anonymous people post commonly known facts about chiropractic on sites without narratives or visuals showing how a chiropractic office works…

If you’re a chiropractor looking to build marketing materials, you can contrast all of these ‘zombie’ web sites with web sites that are uniquely personal, where doctors put a lot of effort into what they present to patients online.

Good Morning Sarasota

Contrast the types of generic and syndicated chiropractic office content that you see plastered across the Internet with something like this:

“Good morning Sarasota! Dr. Joe Neunder, Sarasota chiropractor here. So how did you sleep last night? … regardless of what your issue is, chiropractic care may help alleviate some of these issues.”

There are a couple of things that jump out here. First, the doctor is not only using a kind of pop-culture tagline, (unwittingly or not,) in this case, from the Robin Williams film good morning Vietnam. He’s also creating a personal narrative, speaking directly to patients, with a salutation and a monologue in the form of questions that really addresses an individual’s sleep patterns and other aspects of their health. The doctor’s also putting his name on the blog, which we have found to be truly effective for good patient outreach that gets people engaged in the site, and more inclined to come in for an office visit.

Beyond this, the practice has chosen a very good name for its offices. “Sarasota Spinal Mechanics” creates a kind of subliminal appeal for this office, where many readers might associate these doctors with auto mechanics, without really thinking about it. This seemingly abstract association is just one example of how differences in chiropractic marketing really do make a difference. You can call your office by the name of your town or by your last name, or you can create an attractive name that will stick in a web reader’s head. You can use cookie-cutter or syndicated content, or you can take five or ten minutes to write directly to patients. Your efforts will be duplicated thousands of times, each time someone clicks into the web site.

Using Dynamic Marketing with Chiropractic Telemarketing

At the Accident Referral Network, the foremost chiropractic telemarketing company, we offer doctors better ways to market their services. We will help an office to supplement the traffic from its online marketing with actual research, in which we reach out to auto accident victims to connect them to care opportunities. We help chiropractic businesses succeed; ask us about how to support your local practice.


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