PI Telemarketing News: Roswell, Georgia Chiro’s Innovative Format

accident referral networkIt’s easy to tell by glancing at some chiropractic web sites that the designers have taken a template commonly used in the industry, and tweaked it a little bit for the needs of an individual practice. You’ll see the same menu bars at the top, with similar layout structure for pages. Practices may add visuals, and some of them are good, but there’s still a kind of syndicated look to many of the pages that are trying to attract those who are researching chiropractic care on the web.

Other practices have gone beyond, and taken cues from those on the frontier of Internet advertising in various industries. New and innovative site designs include interactive graphics for resources that appear on the screen differently, in a more dynamic way then the static pages provided by earlier versions of HTML and various supplementary scripting languages.

A New Approach

Here’s an example from Roswell, Georgia, where the Halan Family Chiropractic site is set up a bit differently than you might expect. Taking a look at the top level site, you’ll see that the menu is right aligned instead of running across the top, and that the left-aligned resources including address, hours, directions and a visual map, actually scroll up and down while the menu stays in the same place. This allows patients to click into the menu no matter where they are on the page. In the background, there’s a static graphic that stays behind all of the content on the site.

Clicking into the blog, you see that this is also set up a little differently. Instead of a traditional blog roll, users navigate between blog stories using arrows at the bottom of each post.

You can also see that content is updated regularly and that Dr. Halan provides personal input through blog materials.

In general, having this kind of new and innovative format can attract a lot of patients to the practice. It shows that time and effort has been put into chiropractic marketing, and that the practice is dedicated to going beyond the bare minimum. Some web readers will assume that the same applies to care philosophies and the actual delivery of services at the practice. Others will simply be impressed at a more basic level, and they may stay interested in the practice, preferring it over practices represented by more static site content.

Blog Controls

As for the blog, there are different opinions on this. Some will be turned off by the idea that they can’t “command and control” their blog experience, and frustrated by the limitations of the interface. Many of those who are familiar with this kind of online marketing would agree that although the general strategy here is sound, there may be something to gain by allowing different kinds of controls for the blog where readers can see what’s included at a meta-level, as accommodated in traditional blog rolls.

Using PI Telemarketing

Unlike online marketing, where flashy websites actively represent practices, other kinds of marketing go on behind the scenes. At the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, our PI telemarketing teams go to work for your practice, talking to auto accident victims and putting together the kinds of connections that will lead new patient traffic to your door. Ask us about the services we provide to professional chiropractic offices, and how partnering with us can lead you toward success.


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