PI Telemarketing News: Mississippi DC & The Right Mix for Chiropractic

PI Telemarketing News: Mississippi DC & The Right Mix for Chiropractic

PI Telemarketing News: Mississippi DC & The Right Mix for Chiropractic

accident referral networkLike other kinds of marketing, online chiropractic advertising is a marriage of many different kinds of ideas. It’s the culmination of multiple strategies for visuals, text content, and layout that serve to effectively represent the practice.

With that in mind, many of the best web sites created by chiropractors and other practice leaders combine top-level pages that jump out to visitors with specific resources like blogs that deliver more informative resources for those who are actually trying to do research on chiropractic care.

Getting the right mix is important. Setting up an effective site for the long term is much more than just filling a web domain. It’s taking a good look at what actually works in marketing, and applying it in a medium that tends to reach a lot of people, and drives the majority of traffic for so many businesses.

Site Synergy

Practices can do well to create sites where the front page matches the blog, and where both are welcoming to readers. That may sound extremely vague. Figuring out what it means involves looking at the industry standard, or in other words, what the average practice does.

For an example of an approach that seems to go above and beyond just the bare minimum, take a look at this Healing Well chiropractic site from Kansas City, Missouri. This multiple-doctor practice uses a front page with dynamic graphics, and a text narrative that not only introduces doctors, but uses first-person form to speak directly to readers, something that is almost always recommended for this kind of business outreach.

Looking at the blog, there is also evidence that doctors are using this secondary element to actually clue the readers in to what’s happening at the practice. That includes news about public events, information coming directly from doctors on what they do every day, and other direct bits of information that are coming from the actual doctors, not from some generic content factory. That said, some of the blog posts do venture into that territory of syndicated content, but there seems to be enough there to support the idea that the blog is being actively used, not just thrown up on the site and left there.

All this, combined with visuals that show doctors at work and display their qualifications, adds up to a final result that’s impressive to the average web reader. While sites like this get a lot of the casual traffic, where visitors are just starting to get a feel for what’s available in their area, they also tend to get a lot of the more serious readers who are about to choose a practice.

More with Chiropractic Telemarketing & PI Telemarketing

Even practices that have already set up impressive web resources can partner with the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, to get additional new patient traffic. Doctors who feel like they could do better in attracting local customers can utilize our experienced personal injury telemarketing teams to get the word out to more of those who need chiropractic care from qualified providers. Let us help you to serve your community.


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