PI Telemarketing News: New Mexico Chiro’s One-Word Opener

accident referral networkAs we’ve mentioned many times before, the choices available to professional chiropractors for online marketing are practically endless. It’s interesting to look at the many web sites representing practices across the country – and across the world – and how they show the vast proliferation of strategy in attracting web readers to spinal adjustments and other services that these professionals offer in their communities.

In a sense, operating and creating a chiropractic web site is like writing a book. Doctors and practice administrators have to have a big picture in mind. Then they have to work with details and craft content to represent that big picture well.

One Doctor’s Approach

Here’s an interesting example from Albuquerque, New Mexico, from the web site of Body Balance Chiropractic representing the office of Dr. Alfred Swedberg.

Looking at the ‘meet the doctor’ page, you get an idea of how this doctor thinks through the narrative included at the top of the page. Here, where many doctors start out with a prosaic sentence outlining their attraction to chiropractic services, Dr. Swedberg offers one word:


Curiously, what follows this Marvel-comics type opener is also something likely to keep the attention of the reader. Dr. Swedberg claims his first spinal adjustment was not scheduled, but instead, happened almost without his awareness, and that a mentoring doctor continued to educate him on chiropractic, until eventually, formal education and a professional practice followed.

Instead of following the pack, this doctor is choosing a rather novel and interesting way to outline his journey toward his professional credentials and career.

While the blog resource for this site is somewhat generic, these other types of content can provide readers with a more individual look at who the doctor is and what he or she is about. There’s another interesting angle here related to the name of the practice site. Clicking on an additional ‘yoga’ tab at the top of the site, the reader can see that the practice shares a building with a yoga studio, which is a great way to consolidate services and promote collective brand building between the two businesses ( in somewhat the same way that hospitals and health networks build health campuses consolidating different types of services.)

Using PI Telemarketing for Chiropractors

Professional chiropractors can also choose to market themselves through other third party services. For example, the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, offers customized PI telemarketing campaigns that can help you represent a practice in just the right ways, to get new patients in the door on a regular basis. Get more information at our web site about what we offer for doctors and practice leaders, and how we have helped past clients to get over some of the biggest hurdles in building their brands and establishing themselves in a competitive industry.


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