Personal Injury Telemarketing News: North Dakota DC’s Concise Descriptions of Treatments

accident referral networkIn some ways, online chiropractic marketing for a web site is kind of like one of those old ‘choose your own adventure’ books you may have seen on the shelves in the children’s section of your local library. These books have a certain allure for kids, as they allow them to go in their own directions with the story, and choose how they want it to unfold.

Setting up marketing web sites can be a similar kind of process, but where some feel empowered by it, others can simply feel confused or overwhelmed. Professional chiropractors who want to present the best face for a practice have a lot of different directions they can go in. Do you want to use the web site and blog to write from the heart about your care philosophy? Do you want to fill it with patient testimonials? Or do you want to go in a whole other direction?

Describing Chiropractic Treatments

Some doctors feel like it’s an effective marketing technique to fill most of a blog or site with descriptions of what they do in their offices. Professional chiropractors use varying degrees of technicality to talk about things like spinal adjustments and other services that they provide to patients. In general, these kinds of resources help those who are researching chiropractic to understand the role of a chiropractor, and what he or she can provide for holistic health.

Here’s an interesting example from the Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center in Fargo, North Dakota. Here Dr. Erik Haroldson, D.C. is writing his blog from a personal standpoint, and using his own voice to speak to patients.

The blog roll here is somewhat short. You have technical, almost clinical descriptions of treatments like Active Release Technique or ART, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, and something called FAKTR, described in the blog as an assessment and treatment concept. Dr. Haroldson talks about how to use FAKTR for diagnosis, and as part of a treatment plan.

To start off this list of professional services, Dr. Haroldson uses a single post titled: “The Leap of Faith.”

In it, he talks about why he is adding these informative resources to his site.

“Over the past few years, I have thought that it is necessary to provide general information based on evidence the best of my abilities for my patients and others.” writes Dr. Haroldson. “So I am starting to take a leap of faith to provide this general information.  If you have questions or information to be covered feel free to contact me via email or through posts at the bottom of the site.”

 Dr. Haroldson also provides a disclaimer that the material on this site is not meant to be used in place of an actual clinical assessment and face-to-face doctor visit. That’s an important distinction when a blog or site has a lot of medically technical content. It’s great for patients to get engaged online and start thinking about chiropractic, but nothing online replaces the physical chiropractic experience and actual hands-on diagnosis.

Choosing Personal Injury Telemarketing Resources

In addition to choosing their own directions for chiropractic online marketing, doctors can also choose to add third party services like the personal injury telemarketing campaigns we offer at the Accident Referral Network. Our skilled chiropractic telemarketing teams talk to auto accident victims on behalf of single client offices, to provide locals with quality care in their areas. Talk to us about the possibilities for your office. 


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