Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Pennsylvania Chiro Personalizes a Multi-Doctor Practice

 Accident Referral Network Personal Injury Telemarketing LogoThere are a lot of different ways that doctors can work to make their web sites and blogs unique. Some have to do with the actual content, or the creation of material for these chiropractic marketing projects. Others have to do with positioning all of that material to create the right effect.

We’ve talked a lot about the issue of personalizing content, mostly focusing on single doctor practices. Many individual practitioners will create “I-centered” language that showcases their background and history, as well as their goals, in a direct narrative to patients. Others will use the same kinds of strategies, but with a third-person perspective, where a practice blogger is writing about a doctor and his or her background, experience and specialization.

Group Practice Pages

One approach that group practices take is to switch off in terms of building marketing content, where individual doctors will take turns posting to the site.

Another choice is evident here in this McCormick Chiropractic blog from Pennsylvania. Rather than maintaining a series of individual posts, doctors Dr. Leo McCormick, Dr. Darryl Hajduczek and Dr. Roger Walker  include a top-level subtitle that mentions all of the doctors involvement.

In the author field, the blog simply refers to “the doctors at McCormick Chiropractic.”

The above strategy is one way to personalize content without re-crafting it into a specific kind of narrative. The types of blogs that are on the site represent many of the most popular themes found on other sites, and the form is fairly standard. By placing authorship at the top, doctors are clearly highlighting their involvement in the site as an online marketing resource.

What to Put on the Site

One of the next questions is what to include on one of these group practice sites. As you can see from the above example, posts about whiplash are common, since it’s a common injury and one that many drivers and passengers may not understand fully. It’s also popular to focus on specific new types of treatments, or ones that doctors specialize in. Doctors can use practice blogs to announce involvement in community events, or to create interactive events for those who may become future patients.

Additional Marketing Opportunities: Personal Injury Telemarketing

Along with generating new patient traffic by getting the right kinds of content on a site, doctors can also use third party services to drive more new patient traffic and get more visibility where they practice. Take a look at what the Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, can do to help a practice thrive and support success for professional, qualified chiropractic providers.


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