Accident Referral Network: Four Ways to Negotiate Claim Payouts 

accident referral network, pi telemarketingLots of drivers are pretty unaware of what auto insurance policy holders can do to take advantage of their rights in a claim and insurance payoff situation. Drivers pay premiums to cover the costs of an auto accident, which is why it makes sense that some common-sense rules allow for better payouts after a crash. The catch is that some of these are not widely publicized. Here are some ways to get fuller payments for auto claims: these tips are often understood by businesses like personal injury telemarketing companies, but not by many of those who actually hold a family auto policy.

PI Telemarketing Tips: Get a Diminished Value Claim

This tip can apply in a lot of different auto insurance payout situations. Basically, insurers offer to “fix” cars and they pay for both structural and mechanical repairs. However, even if the company paid to make the car usable, that vehicle still may not have as much value as it did before the crash. A diminished value claim is a request to an insurer to pay for the lower “market value” attached to a previously wrecked car.

Ask Insurers to Pay for Extras

Some kinds of extra costs, besides the value of the car, may also be reimbursable. One good example is the costs of purchasing the car, including sales tax and “title and tag” costs. In some cases, insurers may pay these extras, but they usually won’t pay unless the driver asks.

Carefully Assess a “Total Loss” Situation

In a total loss payout, insurers will pay for the “full value” of the car. The disclaimer here is that the company may set what they think is a fair price for total value, but it may be different from the estimate of the vehicle’s previous owner. Use blue book values and other resources to get a fair “total loss” payout.

Personal Injury Telemarketing Tips: Research Using Multiple Coverages Efficiently

Other tips that help drivers to collect on auto insurance payouts involve either secondary paying, or “stacking” of policies. Make sure you understand how multiple policies will cover accidents, and how they may be doubly applied to cover more of your costs after a collision. For instance, many drivers may be able to “stack” uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for multiple vehicles, to collect more money from an accident that caused either bodily injury or property damage.

All of these helpful tips can help an auto insurance policy holder to collect when it’s time for negotiating an auto insurance payout that’s fairly based on the provisions of a policy. Auto accident injury victims can find out more personal injury telemarketing workers and others who facilitate support processes for post-accident care. Networking companies, like Accident Referral Network often play a vital role in informing accident victims and directing them to care providers and other critical resources for rebuilding their lives and protecting their finances.