Personal Injury Telemarketing: New Illinois Laws Include Enhanced Speed Enforcement

Personal Injury Telemarketing Illinois Speeding LawA range of new auto insurance laws going into effect in the state of Illinois are aimed at reducing risk and deterring some of the worst kinds of motor vehicle accident scenarios that happen in big cities like Chicago and elsewhere in more rural Illinois areas. This new legislation shows how state officials all over the country are trying to handle accident fatality rates and personal injury accident rates.

Public planners also look at the numbers of uninsured drivers that can raise costs for auto policy holders, and may restrict some kinds of auto accident payouts due to a lack of funds within the industry. All of this is of interest to doctors, personal injury telemarketing teams and others with ties to the industry.

Julie’s Law: New Speeder Enforcement

One of these new laws was written specifically to combat high-speed reckless driving. This law, called “Julie’s law,” looks to hit speeders with more legal consequences: those who go over 25 mph over the speed limit on side roads, or 30 mph over the speed limit on highways, will face bigger fines and stiffer prosecution. Reports from companies issuing policies in Illinois like Active Insurance Agency show that Julie’s law went into effect in Illinois roads July 1 of this year. Julie’s law was named for an Illinois teen hit by a driver with a history of speeding, a case that roused the attention of state officials and led to a conversation about more restrictions on these dangerous behaviors.

Other Elements of New Illinois Law

Illinois officials also expanded the definition of road work zones and cracked down on the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices, taking aim at both talking and texting, both of which are known to be major risk factors in motor vehicle accident outcomes. Groups like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS and the Insurance Information Institute or III have provided definite statistics on how distracted driving ranks high up with driving under the influence as one of the most risky behaviors that lead to extreme auto collisions. States all over the country are making their own laws to crack down on mobile phone use behind the wheel, especially for younger drivers, a higher risk group identified as more likely to violate cell phone rules.

Personal Injury Telemarketing and Motor Vehicle Accident Support

Personal injury telemarketingchiropractic telemarketing teams and other support workers serving businesses in Illinois will want to know about the newest restrictions for Illinois drivers, as well as all of the conditions around the most common types of roadside accidents in the state. Where teams supporting motor vehicle accident victim representation are looking to establish a lot of facts on the ground, personal injury telemarketing professionals serving medical offices want to know more about the broader facts within a state insurance industry, in order to help inform auto accident victims and help direct them toward the kinds of care that they need, while also acting as an information resource for questions about the types of insurance payouts accident victims can expect.