Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Dayton, OH Chiropractor Treats Migraines 

accident referral networkAt the Accident Referral Network, we spend a lot of time looking at how doctors reach out to prospective patients and market their services through specialized clinical blogs and other resources. We know that the tailored messages that a chiropractic office sends out are critical to the success or failure of this kind of business. Our personal injury telemarketing service helps doctors to spread the word about their chiropractic services, and we understand the range of conditions that these professionals address with chiropractic care that benefits accident injury victims and many other kinds of patients.

Migraine Sufferers and Chiropractic  Care

Some chiropractic doctors are addressing a health condition that is truly a challenge to treat, and even, in many cases, to diagnose. Migraine headaches affect many thousands of Americans, but often times, it’s not clear what is causing these severe headaches and how they can best be treated.

Often, doctors move to aggressive types of drugs in order to relieve the headaches and other symptoms associated with chronic migraines. However, there is evidence that in some cases, chiropractic care can help to alleviate migraine symptoms by changing the the calibration of nerve areas around the spine or neck.

This Dayton, OH chiropractic blog takes on the issue of chiropractic treatment for migraines. In a July 17 post, Dr. John Stull writes about the pain and suffering of many migraine patients, and how chiropractic  treatment may help.

“The exact cause of migraine is often unknown and it thought to possibly be due to hormonal changes with boys affected more than girls before puberty and a reversal of more women affected than men post puberty.” writes Dr. Stull. “The most common thought is that migraines are due to disorder of the neurovascular bundle exiting the neck. There is also a hereditary factor involved in migraines as it tends to run in families.”

In some cases, writes Dr. Stull, abnormalities in the vertebrae can exacerbate migraine problems.

“Chiropractors can easily find these small misalignment and gently make corrections to alleviate the irritation to the nervous system thereby correcting the cause of the migraines vs. just treating the symptoms the way medications work.” writes Dr. Stull.

Dealing with any nerve issues around the spinal column is just a part of comprehensive treatment for a condition that can be disabilitating and lead to depression and other health or mental health issues over time.

Personal Injury Telemarketing Services

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