PI Telemarketing News: Colorado Chiropractor Shares His Itinerary

accident referral networkIn terms of creating chiropractic marketing setups that actually drive new business to a practice, there’s a lot that doctors can do to “go beyond the basics” and augment simple informative materials with other kinds of attractive details that will give them a better chance of getting local attention over the web. Many of these details have to do with patient engagement.

Frankly, patients want to see that doctors are involved in all of the marketing efforts around the practice. This isn’t the only way to market a chiropractic office, but it’s generally proven to be a good one. Doctors who put their names on content and add personal details are often more likely to get new patients, because those who are coming in for this kind of treatment are often looking for a kind of personal connection that will make their provider stand apart from the crowd.

Showing Personal History, Experience and Other Details

To try to attract new patients and boost web readership, doctors add information about their treatment philosophies, their experience and much more. Here’s an example from JT Anderson chiropractic blog that goes beyond this simple premise to include actual details about where the doctor has been, and what he’s been doing.

In a fairly recent October 2013 blog post, Dr. Anderson, a chiropractic from Centennial, Colorado, fills readers in on a mid-October seminar where he lectured as part of an ongoing practice of traveling to Florida and giving talks about various spinal injury issues.

“I have the unique opportunity to travel to Florida from October 11th-19th to teach a seminar on the knee as well as make memories with my family and rest my body.” writes Dr. Anderson. “Since 2001 I have been blessed with the opportunity to lecture in the Tampa area and have grown to enjoy the western gulf side of Florida.”

By showing patients his itinerary and making it personal, as well as eliciting response and feedback, this blog achieves what a lot of doctors set out to do – to make their practice efforts more transparent to web audiences, and to fulfill that chain of contact that leads people to convert into new customers. Reading deeper, readers will see that Dr. Anderson has an impressive history as a team doctor for various prominent sports franchises.

Using Personal Injury Telemarketing Services

Another way that doctors can triumph over adversity is to use pi telemarketing services to broadcast their messages to a larger audience. Many happy doctors have gone with the Accident Referral Network to garner more attention for their offices within the local community. Take a look at what we do to support and assist chiropractic doctors in their service to their communities.


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