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accident referral networkA rose by any other name would smell as sweet — you get the picture. We’re talking about chiropractic branding in a very simple way: what you call it.

This specific techniques falls under the broad banner of fundamental chiropractic marketing strategies that often make the difference between long-term success and a struggling office — a key principle here is that doctors have to do things that are special, to differentiate their practices. A lot of forward thinking doctors realize that chiropractic online marketing involves branding details that give them an advantage in their local communities.

The Joint

Take this example from a modern practice in the state of Washington. Known as “The Joint… the chiropractic place,” this office represents the practice of multiple doctors at multiple locations.

So why reject the playbook of so many other practices and name your business something that doesn’t invoke your field specifically? Well, one reason works on almost a subliminal level — some marketers will realize that the word ‘chiropractic’ is one that is unwieldy for most people, difficult to spell and even difficult to pronounce. By contrast, a phrase like ‘the joint’ rules easily off the tongue. Marketers qualified this name with the word ‘chiropractic’ after the ellipsis.

Having a name like this also makes the practice stand apart — it makes it seem like a modern, ‘with it’ kind of place.

Other Business Models in Online Chiro Marketing

Look closer into the site, and you’ll see that this isn’t your granddad’s chiropractic office. Where a lot of traditional offices operate on a family basis with one or two doctors, The Joint represents a kind of distributed practice, where there is a fair amount of franchising. That leads to the kind of resources you see on the site, where readers get coupons for adjustments, rather than homespun tales of chiropractic family lore.

This is, to be sure, an unusual way to run a chiropractic business. But we’re guessing that it’s had some level of success over the years, in that it gives local residents a unique alternative. That’s not to say that every office should run like this, in fact, that’s the point: every office should run in its own way, operating on its own strengths, and presenting those strengths clearly and transparently over the web.

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