PI Telemarketing News: Washington Chiropractor & Specializing in Auto Accident Care

PI Telemarketing News: Washington Chiropractor & Specializing in Auto Accident Care

PI Telemarketing News: Washington Chiropractor & Specializing in Auto Accident Care

accident referral networkThe majority of chiropractic doctors are looking for online marketing efforts that address the full range of situations involved in the care spectrum: from victims of accidents involving physical trauma, to those who have just acquired health conditions over many years, and those who just want to stay healthy, chiropractors look to address a very diverse set of readers.

Some other shops are much more focused on a specific kind of patient. A number of chiropractor offices around the country choose to dedicate the majority of their efforts to serving car accident victims.

One reason for this kind of specialization is that with so many Americans on the road, state officials generate predictable numbers of auto accidents annually, which number in the hundreds of thousands. This creates a huge demand for care services that address injuries like whiplash and soft tissue damage, where chiropractors represent a large number of medical offices dealing with auto accident aftermath.

Auto Accident Marketing in Washington

Some chiropractic offices do this kind of targeted marketing better than others. For a concrete example of reaching out to auto accident victims, take a look at this Northwest Injury and Rehab Center site where chiropractors Dr. Eric Strehlow and Dr. Brandon McCuistion talk about their specific expertise in dealing with whiplash and auto accident injuries.

NW Injury & Rehab Center is happy to announce that our doctors have just completed their certification in Whiplash Injury Biomechanics and Traumatology.” writes a practice staffer. “With this high level certification, our doctors have furthered their skills deeper into providing the most effective treatment possible for our patients who have experienced trauma related to traffic accidents.”

Note the use of the word “we,” in the title and deeper in the article text. This is a critical part of effective marketing to an audience. Doctors need to keep their own names in the content and address patients directly, so that web readers feel like they are engaging with the practice when they visit the web site.

The doctors also go over symptoms to look for and other information involved in auto accident care. By combining direct personal narratives with this informative approach, these types of sites effectively target auto accident victims, introducing them to care possibilities.

Taking Advantage of PI Telemarketing

Another great resource for chiropractic offices specializing in auto accident care is the Accident Referral Network. Our skilled and experienced PI Telemarketing teams will support a practice by talking directly to accident victims and asking them questions about their care needs. We connect individuals with qualified providers in a local area. Doctors can talk about setting up customized and effective personal injury telemarketing campaigns that will work to support a thriving business model.


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